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Finding The Right Vacation Home Rental In Orlando + Studio bungalow a block from the beach - Michael Basch

Savvy vacationers already know the secret of enjoying a vacation in Orlando: stay in a rented condo, home or villa. The Orlando area abounds in all kinds of rental apartments, homes and villas and in case you are wondering how to choose, here are the things to look for.

Consider your budget - You will be happy to know that when you add up the figures it is often less expensive to stay in a spacious rental home than to try to fit your whole family in hotel rooms.

Think about what you want to do in Orlando. If Disney World is your primary attraction then select a rental that is nearby. A choice area is located off Highway 192, an attraction packed district loaded with almost everything you can imagine and within a 10 minute drive to Disney World. In addition, every type of restaurant you can wish for is located on Highway 192 along with dinner theaters, outlet stores and much more.

"Million Dollar View" - Carolyn Hyde - It is truly a Million Dollar View. Granite countertops,stainless steel appliances,etc. Beach in the city is if you are first-time visitor then you should go!

One of the advantages of staying in a rental home or villa is that they are well equipped. Choose a rental apartment that has what you need to enjoy your vacation in comfort. The best ones offer screened, private pools and they are well furnished and clean with a fully equipped kitchen, washer and dryer, cable TV and VCR, Stereo, dishwasher, microwave, and air conditioning.

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